Ways to give


Can't figure out which option to choose? See below.

If you want the charity to claim 25p as gift aid for every £1 you donate, please choose the 'Gift Aid Eligible' option and you will be directed to all the Nourish Bangladesh vetted NGOs that are eligible for Gift Aid. Otherwise, you can choose the 'Not Gift Aid Eligible' option so that the Nourish Bangladesh team can send your donation to a portfolio of vetted NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice:

How can a charity get gift aid?

Gift Aid Option: The charity has to be registered with Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). All NGOs included in this category are eligible for Gift Aid. The donor must (1) have paid at least as much in Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax in that tax year as Gift Aid claim, and (2) make a Gift Aid declaration that gives the charity permission to claim it.  

Non Gift Aid Option: Does not offer Gift Aid. 

Our Recommendation: If you want Gift Aid choose the Gift Aid option.

Who are the benefactors of the donation?

Gift Aid Option: This has more limited reach. The donation will reach beneficiaries serviced by big vetted NGOs that are registered in the UK.

Non Gift Aid Option: This has a more extensive reach. The donation will reach the beneficiaries serviced by a mixture of NGOs of different sizes and grassroots volunteer groups.

Our Recommendation: We prefer the non Gift Aid option.

How do overhead costs compare?

Gift Aid Option: These NGOs typically have higher overhead costs.

Non Gift Aid Option: The average overhead costs associated with this catergory of organosations are considerably lower.

Our Recommendation: We prefer the non Gift Aid option.

Does Nourish Bangladesh have a preference?

Gift Aid Option: We have vetted these NGOs and stand by them. However, it does limit our ability to reach a more diverse group effectively. We have less negotiating power to customize what we want to be done with the funds we raise.

Non Gift Aid Option: We prefer this option since it reaches a more extensive and diverse group and we have more say in how they use the funds we raised. Nonetheless, we recognize that adding gift aid to your donation is not a trivial matter for some and we respect your decision either way.

Our Recommendation: We prefer the non gift aid option.

Which option offers more bang for your money?

Gift Aid Option: It depends. If you use the gift aid option the charity gets more money. However, this comes at the expense of a higher overhead cost (and a more limited reach).

Non Gift Aid Option: These charities cannot claim Gift Aid from the government. On the other hand, your donation potentially goes a lot farther. Volunteer groups seem quite effective in their reach, and therefore, it is important to help them with their effort and encourage more grassroots initiatives.

Our Recommendation: Choose whichever seems more in line with your preferences keeping in mind the differences suggested.

What is the bottomline?

You have to make your own decision and choose accordingly. This is not a slam dunk either way but depending on your preferences and situation one option could make more sense for you than the other.