Ways To Help

Donate, Fundraise, and Volunteer

There are at least three different ways in which you can help us. You can donate, fundraise on our behalf, and/or volunteer for our campaign.

Donating money: Every penny counts. When it comes to hunger issues, all the raised money will go directly to the organizations in Bangladesh that are dedicated to supporting families under these difficult situations. You can make a single donation or a monthly one. 

Ready to donate? Click here or donate directly through the websites of the organizations we have vetted. Not ready to donate? Get the word out! Share this website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - anywhere your voice can be heard. 

Fundraising for us: If you want to help out even more, you can fundraise on our behalf! It’s not as hard as it sounds! Spread the words, talk to your families and friends who might also be interested, and see if you can get three donations, any amounts. While sharing our website on your social media definitely helps, sometimes it’s the personal reaching out to others and explaining what we do that makes the difference. If you want to fundraise on our behalf and would like to understand in more details about what is it that we do, please send us an email at nourishbangladesh.uk@gmail.com

Volunteer for us: We currently have a core team of 8 working volunteers with another 4 volunteers who will be joining us soon. We understand that during these trying times, it is difficult to guarantee that we can all continue to put in a pre-committed amount of hours towards this campaign. So we have a no-pressure “voluntarily volunteering” policy. Volunteers help with web designing, upkeep, generating content, fundraising activities, vetting the NGOs and volunteer groups, getting leads on new NGOs and volunteer groups to vet, come up with new ideas, offer pictures they have taken to populate our web, design our logo, and etc. Some volunteer for us officially while others just help out but feel uncomfortable joining the team lest they have to attend to other priorities. 

We welcome all kinds of constructive help. If you want to volunteer for our group please get in touch with us via nourishbangladesh.uk@gmail.com No need to be formal and no need to write a long well thought out email. This process is not an interview. If you want to help, we could use the help and we are thankful. One thing to keep in mind, we do not have any labeled position within our organization such as president, treasurer, and etc. Everybody is a volunteer member. There is no internal hierarchical structure in Nourish Bangladesh and there is also no internal rule of conduct. At this point we are all like minded civil volunteers who are helping each other out and we want to keep it that way. 

And at the very least learn about Bangladesh: You can also help just by learning more about Bangladesh, about the hunger issue in developing countries, and how the current situation poses a major crisis.