Emergency Flood Relief

Thank you for trusting Nourish Bangladesh with your donation. Our expertise lies in making certain that your funds are used timely, cost-effectively, and conscientiously. Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshis have been left homeless due to torrential rain and one of the worst floods to hit Sylhet, the north, and northeastern parts of Bangladesh in the last decade. There is a massive need for basic ammenities including food, water, and shelter. Nourish Bangladesh's implementing partners are unfortunately not able to keep up with the overwhelming needs due to among other things insufficient resources. Your support at this juncture would be most appreciated. Your donations will be used to provide these households with dry food and cash assistance ASAP. 

Who are we working with?
 Our current implementing partners for this project will include multiple NGOs and volunteer groups including ZisanMithun Das, JAAGO, Manusher Jonno Foundation (MJF), and Bidyanondo. They have been rigorously vetted  and are effective partners of Nourish Bangladesh over the last two years.

What are we doing with the funds? Nourish Bangladesh and our implementing partner will assist these households with dry food and/or cash assistance.

What is the timeline for vetting and disbursing funds? We will be disbursing funds right away and then every few weeks or so based on needs on the ground and the amount of funds collected.

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