Qurbani Donation

PLEASE READ: Thank you for trusting Nourish Bangladesh with your qurbani funds. Our implementing partners will ensure 100% of the meat from the Nourish Bangladesh funded qurbani are given to the neediest and poorest in Bangladesh. Nourish Bangladesh's expertise lies in making certain that your funds are used timely, cost-effectively, and conscientiously. The qurbani that we are funding excel on all of these criteria. For qurbani, we considered only those of our vetted implementing partners on the ground who already have qurbani initatives running. This helps us achieve two primary goals:

First, we want our Qurbani funds to go to NGOs with prior experience in handling Qurbani. We recognize that there is an extra layer of religious awareness and logistical capability incumbent when it comes to the qurbani, and have therefore decided to work with these partner organizations who have the requisite experience in proper use of qurbani donations.

Second, we do not consider it wise to direct the use of qurbani funds ourselves. We are not religious scholars and depend on our experienced partners for adherence to the appropriate rules and guidelines for the distribution of qurbani. So we are sticking to what we know best, by appraising the qurbani projects run by our vetted NGOs in terms of the objective criteria mentioned above. Should you have any queries about the religious aspects of these qurbani projects, please feel free to get in touch directly with our implementing partners (contact emails provided below).

Qurbani donations through Nourish Bangladesh involve 3 easy steps:

Below is a list of six options (A to F), and we ask you to specify which of these intiatives you would like your qurbani donations to be spent on. If you want us to distribute your funds as we see fit, then please indicate that and we will choose between these six options based on an assessment of need. 

STEP 1: Check out the different Qurbani projects we are fundraising for (1 GBP ≈ 115.35 BDT ). 

Complete and submit the requested details in the form below.

(e.g. One item A , two item F, and $500 as Nourish Bangladesh sees fit)