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Emergency Flood Relief

The Sylhet Flooding Relief provides dry food and/or cash assistance to those affected by the disastrous flood in Sylhet, the northern, and the northeastern regions of Bangladesh. Our funds will assist affected households with dry food and/or cash support. As always our implementing partners have been rigorously vetted and continue to be very effective in the field.

Food & Cash Transfer

Donations here are used for food distribution and cash transfers to a diverse group of economically disadvantaged Bangladeshi residents as they face covid19, floods, cyclones, and the Rohingya refugee crisis. Your donations are distributed among a dozen rigorously vetted implementers including non-profits (e.g. JAAGO, BDesh, Bidyanondo)

Covid-19, Natural Disasters, and the Rohingya Refugee Crisis

As of 2019, the people of Bangladesh were looking ahead to a bright future for their country, spurred on by over a decade of remarkable economic growth. Ramifications of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Rohingya refugee crisis, and climate change reach deep resulting in worsening natural disasters (e.g., deadlier cyclones and frequent floods) and economic hardships (e.g., spiralling inflation and widespread poverty). 

Bangladesh now finds itself on the brink of a severe humanitarian crisis with a myriad of national and local emergencies that the country is struggling to keep up with using domestic resources. For instance, many have lost their livelihoods during the lockdown, and significant parts of the population are at a risk of starvation. The people of Bangladesh urgently need our help.


Listen to a brief description of what Nourish Bangladesh is all about from one of our board of director members and Vice Treasurer, Ethan Ellis

Let's help them fight hunger

We are a diverse international group of volunteers fundraising for the economically disadvantaged people of Bangladesh. Our goal is to help them fight hunger as they deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, climate change fueled natural disasters, and the Rohingya Refugee crisis.

In addition to raising awareness and collecting donations, we care deeply about making the most of our donor’s money. To this end, we have convened a team comprising a professor with a specialty in development economics, students, young professionals, and individuals with ground experience doing volunteer work in Bangladesh. This team researches and thoroughly vets NGOs and grassroots volunteer groups on behalf of our donors.

Our main priorities: vet and fundraise

Real world change happening now

Meet our vetted NGOs and volunteers

Newsletter May 2021

Here's the May 2021 newsletter.

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A word from our donors

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed from a health crisis to a global economic crisis. Millions of jobs have been lost and many more are likely to follow suit. Supply chains for essential products including food chains have been disrupted worldwide. Poor countries like Bangladesh face the greatest of impacts due to such disruption and their population face severe food insecurity. As a Bangladeshi and a development worker, I know that ensuring food availability for the poor population (which is more than 60 percent of the population) in such a period of crisis, is a massive challenge. We need multiple sources of support. That is why I am supporting Nourish Bangladesh, UK, which is channeling the aid received from the donors to organizations that are directly supporting the poor needing food. It endeavours like this, which can help to make food available to those who need the most. I wholeheartedly support this initiative by the dedicated souls. It is a noble cause fighting the severe impact on food availability, which is far from over, at least for a poor country like Bangladesh. I encourage everyone who is reading this, to extend their support to such a cause or at least share it with friends and families to make this initiative heard.

Salehin Khan
Geneva, Switzerland

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

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